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SKN H2O, one of our premium clients. SKN H2O: Not your average sparkling water; finely designed with the most potent antioxidant, RESVERATROL, to provide the best form of hydration! A complete and hands-on Social Media Strategy from Content Creation to Traffic. Our team created clips, visuals, highlights, and Gifs reflecting the brand’s vision and values.

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Case Studies

Restaurante Mar De Las Antillas

Mar de las Antillas is one of our most estimable clients. Their passion to create fascinating experiences for their customers have made them one of the most iconic restaurants in the walled city in Cartagena – Colombia. They strive to serve the BEST Caribbean cuisine to please their visitors, inviting them to fall in love with Colombia.

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This project was about creating an online presence from scratch. From Website Creation to Social Media, we covered everything that was needed to position the brand.

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Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom

We work along with their team to create eye-catching visuals for their Social Media Platforms, maximize their organic social media presence, develop a voice for the brand identity, drive traffic and create SEO driven Blogs to enhance their online presence.

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