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Spoonfly is a unique brand with the purpose of helping you express yourself, and find your magic. Our mission was to create from scratch the digital world of the brand, working alongside different partners.

We helped the brand creative process for defining their identity, communication, and imagery. Then, our 3D and Video Editing team worked alongside manufacturers and other teams for the complete product development phase. Afterward, our web design team managed to create one of the most complex eCommerce sites to date at our agency, with over 10+ features that supported the launch and awareness strategies created by our Marketing Team. To seal the process, our Social Media team took care of the content creation and distribution of different assets that helped promote the brand and its unique events.


Case Studies


This project was about creating an online presence from scratch. From Website Creation to Social Media, we covered everything that was needed to position the brand.

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Casa Rosabaya

We designed a website that transports each of the characteristics of the house, its services, and qualities to the internet, with a color palette and a selection of studied typography, creating different sections that allow knowing each and every one of the details about the unique experience to stay in the house.

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