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For NESTRELO, our main goal was to create an online platform that allowed home buyers and sellers access to top real estate agents, reducing fees and other expenses that the regular real estate market has, and connecting through the brand’s broad network of partners to generate leads.

We designed a simple, minimalist, and friendly website, that with only answering a couple of questions, generates automatic profiles and connects the brand with the potential buyer/seller of the property, ensuring a fluid and flawless experience.


Case Studies

Casa Rosabaya

We designed a website that transports each of the characteristics of the house, its services, and qualities to the internet, with a color palette and a selection of studied typography, creating different sections that allow knowing each and every one of the details about the unique experience to stay in the house.

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Punk Me Tender

Punk Me Tender is one of a kind artist! We had the pleasure to work on his personal website, creating a very minimalistic, simple, and unique site, with the main purpose of displaying their top art pieces, murals, and crafts with inspiring elements like shoes and purses, mixing fashion and art in a way no other artist can.

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