How to Define Your Digital Target?

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5 Keys to Determine Your Digital Target:

To achieve knowledge of your target audience within the digital framework, you must be able to define these five aspects:

1. Who is your Target Audience? 

Start by answering the following: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Language
  • Cultural Level
  • Purchasing Power
  • Marital Status
  • Profession

This is great information to start to discover your audience….

2. What is Your Audience Like?

  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Tastes
  • Prejudices
  • Interests 
  • Affiliations
  • Habits

3. In Relation to your Market: 

What does he/she think of you? What does he/she think of your competition? Why does he/she use your product or service ? What are their motivations to go to your market category? 

4. Digital Profile: 

What networks do they use? What do they use Search Engines for? What portals do they use? Are they active in these? How often do they surf the internet? 

5. How is their Digital Relationship with your Brand? 

Determine the number of visits to your website, time spent on your website, size and engagement (emotional bonding) with your community, etc.

By answering these questions; you will be able to identify your target. You can even go further and investigate a little more. A prototype singled out, what we call buyer persona. A semi-fictional representation of our potential customer. This is built from their behavior, needs, motivations, and more. The more detailed, the better, as this means getting to know your potential customers. 

How to deeply study the target you are addressing?

Here are some of the most important techniques:

In-depth interviews with your target.

Focus Group: Research technique based on group interviews.

Moodboard: A visual tool that consists of the selection of images, photographs, materials, etc. that can express concepts related to the target and that are complicated to express with words.

Quantitative Surveys: Focused on a user-defined type.

Covert Observation: Observe a user while interacting with a product, service, or prototype. 

Consumer Journey: A very valid technique, both on physical and digital media, that runs through your target until they buy your product or one of your categories.

Map of Actors: It graphically reflects the connections between the different users that participate in the use of a product or service.

Cognitive Immersion: Putting yourself in the user’s shoes, personally following all the steps to enjoy a product or service.

Constructive Interaction: Ask the user or group of users to develop at the same time a series of activities, relating their thoughts aloud as they go through them.

Extreme Users: Think not of the bulk of our target, but of those who are at the extremes more polarized, to be able to deeply understand the whole range.

Storytelling: A technique through which people improve the ability to connect with their audience through speeches, texts, and more!

Empathy Map: Analyze the processes that lead the user to think as he/she thinks, to feel as he/she feels, to do what he/she does and to say what he/she says.

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