Instagram: How to Reach 10k Followers

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LikeSocialBiz ‘s Instagram account just reached 15k followers! We think that’s cause for celebration and hope you do, too.  We want to thank you all by showing you how we got here and hopefully offering a lesson in how to do it yourself:

Be Authentic:

WHY? When you share your honest, authentic self to your followers, you’re offering a way for your followers to connect with you by relating to what you have in common. They’ll get to know you, like you for being you, and over time, they’ll grow to trust you.

If you are promoting a brand, find the right way to connect with the people your product or service was meant for on a deeper level than selling without losing your brand’s essence.

Be Consistent:

Consistency is the key to success. Don’t give up! It takes time to build an audience! 

In addition, uncertainty and mixed messaging can damage your brand’s reputation and authority in your space.

Your brand should keep consistent messaging, values, and a reliable voice. You’re allowed to evolve, but make sure it’s coordinated properly without losing your brand’s soul and values. 

Being consistent also means sticking to a posting schedule. Test and find the times of day your target audience is most active to determine when the most effective times are for you to post.

Get Your Audience Involved:

Your audience is key for visibility and growth of your brand. Don’t ever underestimate the power of your followers. And always, remember there is strength in numbers! 

When you incorporate your audience, they’re more likely to share with their networks because they have a vested interest, they put their time into creating it with you. Imagine if half of your audience in your network shared a post of yours. This means a lot of people seeing your post!


Hashtagging WORKS….Choose a few posts consistently under those to gain more visibility and give your content a greater chance of being sticky.

Try to steer clear of branded hashtags unless you’re running a campaign or event that requires posts to be visible and organized independently of the usual noise of a hashtag.

Do your best to get attached to trends and use relevant hashtags to share content that you make to engage with those topics.


Interact with your audience!! This can be time consuming, but the return is undeniable. Building a rapport with your followers is a great way to get anecdotal research and fresh ideas for what you should do next.

You have to be prompt and attentive. Make sure you actually answer people and don’t use a canned response. Your audience will value transparency and thoughtfulness!

Utilize Instagram Stories:

Use stories to offer more authentic glimpses into your day to day life. Instagram Stories are a great tool to spend quality time with your audience everyday. Stories are fun and catchy, they are unedited and raw, and on your face! Utilize this free tool to connect in a deeper way with your viewers! This is a great space to open new dialogue and two-way engagement with your spectators!


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